Dear holistic care enthusiasts,

Welcome to BowenArt

BowenArt is a boutique of a holistic methodology of Bowen Technique (Bowen
Therapy) integrated to TCM and Ayurveda Philosophy where a person is treated as
a unity of body, mind and energy.


BowenArt offers help for many challenges, conditions and symptoms of:
pain, stress, musculo-skeletal, digestive, respiratory, neurological, hormonal disorder.

BowenArt methodology utilizes:


  • Holistic Approach
  • Root Cause Analisys
  • Body Feedback
  • Inspirational Coaching
  • Bowen Technique
  • Aromatherapy
  • TCM & Ayurveda Philosophy

your body talks symptoms of a disorder
pain accompany you every step of every day
injury stays as traumatic mark in your body and mind
your heart whispers in depressed voice




BowenArt offers gentle treatments that activate body self-healing ability
consequently addressing the possible underlying physical, physiological and
emotional causes.

BowenArt complementary Personal Therapies:


  • Inspirational Coaching
  • Creative Healing
  • Women Therapeutics
  • SPORTS Therapeutics
  • Wellbeing Therapeutics
  • KIDS Therapeutics

Inspirational Coaching

Inspirational Coaching is implemented in other types of treatments as
intuitive, inspiring and affirmative share to assist positive, effective and
optimal outcomes.

Creative Healing

Creative Healing is ongoing set of treatments implementing  Inspirational Coaching, Bowen Holistic Approach, Root Cause Analysis, Body Feedback, Mind-Body-Spirit connection and Bowen Technique to assist healing of chronic conditions for positive outcomes.

Women Therapeutics

Women Therapeutics treatments are holistic treatments for natural way to
overcome women issues such as: PMS, IBS, Menstrual & Menopause, Fibroids,
Cervical Polyps, Stress & Anxiety by activating self-healing mechanism.

Kids Therapeutics

KIDS Therapeutics (gentle, kids-friendly, safe and effective) treatments are
way of Postural Management that uses Postural Analysis and Bowen Technique to
minimize postural abnormality, strength and maintain healthy posture. Kids normal
natural posture is so important for their mental and body wellbeing.

Poor posture can put stress on their muscles, joints and ligaments. With unstable posture, they end up using extra energy to maintain their stability and balance with possible decrease of ability to complete fine motor tasks, concentration and learning.

Baby Therapeutics

BABY Therapeutics is a simple BABY BOWEN treatment that relieves Baby Colic.


Sports Therapeutics

SPORTS Therapeutics are treatments designed for sports lovers and active
players. BowenArt offers treatments for muscular imbalance and sports injury
relief/recovery (pain, inflammation, swelling) attaining flexibility and strength.
Besides therapeutics gains, the treatments improve performance and prevent
In case you presently can’t find free time for regular exercise or experiencing
discomfort while exercising, having arthritis, muscle tightness or postural
BowenArt can help!


Bowen Therapy like Passive Yoga, in very unique way, relaxes and balances body
(Mind-Body-Energy) desirably achieving musculo-skeletal strength and flexibility,
energizing and relieving pain.

Wellbeing Therapeutics

Wellbeing Therapeutics treatments designed for preventive, rejuvenating,
energizing and relaxation, utilizing Bowen Technique and soothing benefits of
Aromatherapy and Essential Oils. (doTERRA organics quality oils)


WHAT is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy is a hands-on dynamic system of muscle and connective
tissue (Fascia) therapy that activates body self-healing. It is named after Tom Bowen,

Australia. Bowen Therapy achieves the same therapeutic benefits as Physiotherapy,
Massage, Acupuncture and Chiropractic. Bowen Therapy is non invasive and safe for
everyone from newborns to the elderly.

HOW does Bowen Therapy works?

Bowen Therapy relaxes muscles relieving stiffness or spasm. Bowen affects
the blood circulation and lymphatic systems easing pain, inflammation and swelling.
It is a soft tissues (muscle, tendon and ligament) therapy and since these structures
govern the alignments of joints and vertebrae, Bowen achieves skeletal
modifications. Bowen Therapy stimulates the acupuncture points (needle free) and
meridians therefore achieve balance of body ‘s energy flow establishing body

Bowen Therapy stimulates a release of held emotions and stress after
trauma/injury as the body responds to the treatment during the session. A very quick
recovery and a relief is possible in case of an acute state. (up to 48h after an injury or
a trauma) For a chronic state, Bowen is trusted for reasonable longer recovery for the
sake of long lasting relief.
The result of Bowen Therapy is ongoing and is long-lasting because the body has self-adjusted without forceful manipulation.

Fall in love with the process of self-healing and become the very best version of your-self!