– Dada Latkovic,


Holistic Therapist
Inspirational Coach
Certified Bowtech Bowen Therapist
Certified Aromatherapy Coach
Engineer & Artist
Founder of BowenArt
Mother and Partner

About Me

I became a Holistic Therapist mostly because of my own experience with a healing and “personal growth” through Bowen treatments, discovering a power of Fascia, Mind-Body connection, TCM and Ayurveda holistic philosophy. I was amazed and inspired to learn. Utilizing a power of Bowen, own intuition, experience, knowledge, holistic logic and ancient philosophy I continue to make changes in people‘s life.


Above all, BowenArt is a calling and my passion. My clients are my endless inspiration. Fall in love with the process of healing and become the very best version of your-self!


I believe that we are micro-cosmos unity of mind-body-energy sustained by the power of the Nature and transformed by the power of the Universe

Allowing energy to flow freely through your body is essential for wellbeing. Include Bowen in your Self-Care Agenda and achieve Balance and Mindfulness

Dada BowenArt